Reasons to Use a Pensacola Airport Shuttle Service

Should I Take a Pensacola Airport Shuttle or a Taxi to The Pensacola Airport

Pensacola Airport ShuttleWhenever you fly, arranging a ride to or from the airport terminal in Pensacola is almost always an afterthought. After all, there is never a shortage taxi cabs at most airports. On the contrary, there is generally a long line of them. Nevertheless, However, if you are doing a lot of traveling, it’s beneficial to be aware that there are other options available in the Pensacola area.

Airport Shuttles are the Most Logical For Long Rides

Obviously, when you are thinking about taking a taxi versus a shuttle pensacola for your airport transportation in Pensacola, the mileage of your trip will more than likely be your top consideration. Taking a ride a couple miles from the terminal to your hotel, should not require much prior planning. However, if you’re traveling a distance of 20 or more miles, then you should at least give an airport service a try.

Shuttles are Better for Group Travel

In the Event you’re traveling as part of a group,  it can often be more practical to go with a shuttle as opposed to taking a taxi cab. When reserving ahead of time, you can be assured that you and your group will be transported in the same vehicle. This would most likely be the preferred option over taking the chance that the airport taxi queue has a suitable vehicle. This way, you can pay one fare instead of having to pay multiple fares.

If you want Comfort, Don’t Waste Your Time With an Airport Taxi in Pensacola

Although the choice to ride with a shuttle is often a money related decision, shuttles in Pensacola are most often chosen over cabs because of comfort or space issues. Many people that go with limos, often switch over to shuttles for the reason all they truly want is an upgrade over a taxi when it comes to comfort. Airport shuttles in Pensacola are also a little more practical if you are faced with traveling with lots of personal effects.

Why is Taking an Airport Shuttle in Pensacola Better Than a Taxi?

So what are some of the pros and cons of hiring an airport shuttle? If you’re using a shared shuttle service, you are going to have to calculate in additional time since you’ll be making other stops on. In contrast a private shuttle service, your transportation will not be a direct one. Since a shared ride is designed as an economical alternative, you should not expect a vehicle made for comfort, but rather a utility looking vehicle.


Shuttles Almost Always Take Credit Cards

Many people that travel in Pensacola a lot will one day take a ride with a shuttle service for the simple reason that they know that a shuttle service will alwaysBest Airport Shuttle accept their credit card. With business travelers getting reimbursed for travel expenses, it is pretty common that they pay with a business credit card. A shuttle service will almost always take your credit card. In fact, it would be unheard of for one to refuse your credit card. As the say, it is the cost of doing business.

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Pensacola Airport Shuttle or Taxi

Should I Take a Pensacola Airport Shuttle or a Taxi Service

Airport ShuttleAs a frequent air flyer to the Pensacola Airport and with the many the costs associated with it, at a certain you come to the conclusion that you really need to take a serious look at the expenses involved to travel, as you obviously will be doing it over and over. One thing to think about is whether to leave your car at the airport or have an airport shuttle transport you to and from the airport terminal. Doing a little research can actually save you a lot of time and money as well.

What are the Airport Parking Options in Pensacola?

When you’re considering parking your automobile versus hiring a shuttle to the Pensacola Airport, check out.  Parking your auto at the airport and shelling out outrageous parking fees is not always the only option. There are alternate less costly private parking facilities that will charge you less in the Pensacola Area. If you are willing to do the research, you will find that there are quite a few options more favorable than leaving your auto at the Pensacola Airport.

Indoor and Outdoor Parking Options

When you leave your auto at a specific location for airport parking close to Pensacola, some companies have covered parking and some businesses have outdoor options. Consequently,  the prices differ so it is good to check and compare and decide for yourself what works best for your budget. You can also decide on whether or not you want to use the economy parking at the airport. For instance, Pensacola airport has an inexpensive economy parking lot. In certain areas you want to check the lighting in the parking lots, how often the shuttle runs and if you get assistance with luggage or not.

Rental Cars or Auto Repair Businesses in Pensacola Can Set This Up

Another option to consider is the fact that a lot of rental car or even car repair businesses will set this up for you as required. Be sure to ask if there are discounts for extended parking (more than a week).

Pensacola Shuttle is by Far the Best Option Now you know there are a few options available when it comes to airport transportation, in Pensacola. Examining all the options, it be obvious that taking a Pensacola Shuttle Service in Pensacola and the surrounding areas will not only be the most economical way to go, but you will not have to worry about leaving your car in a strange place and having to worry about it.  Knowing my choices, I no longer have to feel awkward asking an acquaintance for a lift for an early morning or late at night flight because the airport parking options are a lot more convenient. You can find these parking facilities in the vicinity of most airports.shuttle

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Why Get a Taxi on Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Taxis and Shuttle Services

Taxi Pensacola BeachHiring a taxi versus a shuttle on Pensacola Beach will obviously depend on the situation. You may have already discovered this yourself if you do a bit of traveling, but taking a cab is normally confined to the shorter trips, say 10 miles or less. Shuttle services on the other hand, generally do trips more than ten miles. The airport shuttle service’s  primary focus is transporting people to and from the local airport that are a good distance to the airport. In fact, shuttle services will commonly set a dollar or mile minimum to use their services. While cab companies might be expected to make multiple stops or run errands, the shuttle service by nature cannot do this because they will have a pre-set schedule of other pick ups. Taxis generally pick up on demand.

Pros and Cons of a Cab Service in Pensacola

The advantage of using a taxi service on Pensacola Beach is that you can call without an appointment. If your car breaks down and your employer in only a few miles away, you should probably want to order a cab and hopefully have one in under 15 minutes. A shuttle service will probably not provide this service, since most do mainly airport shuttle service.

Pros and Cons of  a Shuttle Service on Pensacola Beach

In comparison to a taxi in Pensacola, that will ALWAYS have a meter in their vehicle, the shuttle service will not have one. The Cab Serviceshuttle service will ALWAYS quote you a flat rate. This is important, because if you get stuck in traffic, the shuttle company absorbs the loss of the extra time. With a taxi, since time is factored in, when you come to a stop the meter is constantly adding to your fare. Also with a shuttle service, you are never at the mercy of the driver as far as what your total fare is. With a taxi service, the driver may just take the longest route he knows. This will pad the fare from him in Pensacola.

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